100 groundbreaking inventions that are changing the way we live, work, play and think about what’s possible.
Technologies will see wider adoption in the next few years, and this deployment could change processes and operations in many different fields.
A new image recognition algorithm uses the way humans see things for inspiration.
The first university in the world to align its entire range of courses to artificial intelligence was recently founded in Abu Dhabi.
When it comes to climate change, there isn’t just one tipping point but many that scientists are increasingly pulling into view.
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While every industry is facing increasingly stringent levels of regulation and oversight, none is more tightly regulated than healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In a context of highly complex day-to-day operations, the central risk to patients’ lives that poor processes can pose is coupled with the risks of financial and reputational damage which come from regulatory non-compliance. Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance can also lead to growing overheads which, stacked on top of a challenging business environment, can threaten agility and competitiveness.

Digitally Transformed Supply Chains - Impacts and Opportunities for Serbian Suppliers and IT Technology Providers - DIGIT 2019 cross-sectoral conference was held in Kragujevac on 09.05.2019. DIGIT 2019 represents a very important event bringing together representatives of the metal and IT sectors of Central Serbia. The conference is organized by the ICT cluster of Central Serbia together with the co-organizer and sponsor of the event to the German Agency for International Cooperation - GIZ, supported by a friend of the Conference of the Development Agency of Serbia - RAS and the European Entrepreneurship Network - EEN in Serbia.

The kitchen is the center for real life connectivity. It’s a place where we all belong—where food, cooking and people interconnect. Of all the rooms in our homes, the kitchen is the center of energy, activity, comfort, and creativity—the beating heart of any dwelling. In the coming decade, as our environments and habits change, the kitchen as we know it will evolve drastically.

In the future, the success of companies will be decided by their internal cooperation.

The world is rearranging itself: Asia and here especially China will be the winners, the "golden age" of the West is coming to an end, the US dominance is dwindling.

The impact of digital technology extends far beyond the digital sector itself. This is why the largest digital event in the region, the Second Western Balkans Digital Summit, brought together more than 3.000 participants – policymakers, businesses, startups, research and development community, and civil society organizations to ensure a collaborative approach to policymaking in the digital age. At the Summit, which took place on April 4-5, 2019 in Belgrade, they all had the opportunity to discuss and propose innovative policy approaches, showcase cutting-edge technologies, exchange ideas and discover latest digital trends.

The main objective of this conference will be to bring together leading world experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the new Industry 4.0 model of manufacturing for SMEs. Such an event will assist in the development and growth of the new and innovative manufacturing industries in Serbia, producing smart products with intelligent characteristics, while relying on modern, new manufacturing processes and systems.

When we turn on the tap there is plenty of water. What is there to worry about? According to UN statistics, less than a decade from now, every fourth person on Earth might be suffering from extreme water scarcity. Perhaps, the time has come not to take water for granted. While you brush your teeth if you turn off that tap you will save up to 750 liters of water per month. The only factor that mitigates this true sustainability issue is the digital era that we're in and its possibilities.

Companies report that they are highly committed to gender diversity. But that commitment has not translated into meaningful progress. In contrast to what companies say about their commitment, only around half of all employees think that their organization sees gender diversity as a priority and is doing what it takes to make progress. Around 20 percent of employees say that their company’s commitment to gender diversity feels like lip service.

The VNL as a bridge builder between research and business!
This year's Swiss Logistics & Distribution Fair came to a successful end on Thursday, April 11, 2019. During two days of the fair, many visitors took the opportunity to learn about numerous innovations.

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