Climate change won't be stopped with just seedlings and agriculture. Emissions reduction is needed too.
Google researchers are training neural networks with a new technique to predict how a molecule smells based on its chemical structure.
A team of scientists from the universities of Alberta and Toronto have laid out the blueprints for a “quantum battery” that never loses its charge.
For decades, scientists have sought an affordable and effective way of capturing, storing, and releasing solar energy.
UPS is rolling along with its drone delivery program, working with partner CVS Pharmacy to deliver prescription drugs to customer doorsteps via its newly deployed commercial drones.
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The fourth R&D Conference has been taken place at the University of applied Science in Rapperswil. 28 contributions were made by 12 universities showing their latest digital innovation to the audience of industrial innovators.

In the past few years, artificial intelligence has advanced so quickly that it now seems hardly a month goes by without a newsworthy AI breakthrough. In areas as wide-ranging as speech translation, medical diagnosis, and gameplay, we have seen computers outperform humans in startling ways.

This has sparked a discussion about how AI will impact employment. Some fear that as AI improves, it will supplant workers, creating an ever-growing pool of unemployable humans who cannot compete economically with machines.

Increasing your healthspan (i.e. making 100 years old the new 60) will depend to a large degree on artificial intelligence. And healthcare AI systems are extremely data-hungry. Fortunately, a slew of new sensors and data acquisition methods—including over 122 million wearables shipped in 2018—are bursting onto the scene to meet the massive demand for medical data.

Switzerland is a country of railways. To ensure that it stays this way, SBB, BLS, Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB), the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) and the Union of Public Transport (UPT) are joining forces and getting the entire railway sector involved. The smartRail 4.0 programme is a collaboration that aims to get Swiss railways ready for the digital future.

The role of the chief procurement officer as a strategic business partner has taken on a new shape in recent years as organizations aim to better focus on changing business landscapes and keeping up on tech developments.

A recent ProcureCon study, “Examining the Role of the CPO as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation in a Time of Disruption,” suggests that the role of the CPO must now assist its organization by navigating the global business environment’s opportunities and changes.

Today’s World is characterized by the term Dynaxity to capture prevailing environments with increased dynamics and complexity. Fast changing market conditions and technological progress create ambiance where traditional innovation cycles do not produce desired outcomes anymore. The Open Innovation concept, which uses internal and external ideas as sources to develop a business logic, represents central approach to successful disruptive innovation in today’s World of Dynaxity.

The article lists the most powerful Digital Transformation trends for 2019. Each of the trends is further discussed in detail in linked articles. A recommended read.

"The pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate, and companies continue to find navigating the business strategy, business model, workforce, customer interaction, and business operational changes necessary to compete effectively to be a significant challenge. This progression will continue through next year and beyond."

Internet of Things became a buzz word especially in the producing industry. However, many companies still struggle with the challenges of finding the right use cases and appropriate technologies. We consolidated the most important facts you should consider when starting digitalization of your products and services.

China started to create an ecosystem for companies to modernize their facilities and also rethink through their current business models. Especially the IT-sector with a fast-growing e-commerce business is supposed to become the backbone of the industry. Read more about the regional Centers of Excellence in our full article.

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